Sunday, April 13, 2008

Thing 23

Great Blogging!

Was interesting and challenging.  I would participate in a 23 more things on a stick.

Thanks for everything! 


I plan to visit my blog at least several times a month.  I will add WEb2.0 directory to my list of sites to visit.  I plan to do some of the lessons on Web Junction (mainly during the summer and Christmas vacation).  Now that I have learned about the web 2.0 I plan to stay informed.  Thank you for having this program.  I made me learn things that I was always wishing I had the time to learn.


I joined Ning.  After looking at it it seems alot like Facebook.  One advantage to Ning is there is a more professional feel to it while facebook has more of the college wildness feel to it.  I think this will be a good place to social network once I have more time to work on it.  I did join the 23 thing Minnesota site.  It was interesting to see colleagues and friends who are participating in the program.

Thing 20

I joined Facebook about a year ago because my library was reviewing new technologies.  We were all encouraged to sign up and see first hand how students these days communicate.  I signed up and completed my profile.  I don't have many friends because my friends do not belong to institutions that subscribe to Facebook.  I do however get to see how the students communicate on the site.  I have joined various groups and it is an interesting way to get information and learn.  It makes you wonder what will come after Facebook.  

Thing 19


This Thing was a little more difficult.  It was hard to find podcasts from the lists that were interesting.  I had much better luck finding podcasts on my own.  Once I found podcasts I liked I had trouble making them work.  I guess I am not a member of the online generaton.

Thing 18

Video of Mas Rover from Youtube. There are many false hits on YouTube. Some keywords describe what is in the video as opposed to what the video is. A nice way of sharing videos. Now if I only had videos to share.

Thing 17

This a great source with lot neat tools.  This is a great use of my tax dollars.